Hof van pampus ready!

The Hof van Pampus apartment complex on the outskirts of Hoofddorp was completed at the end of April 2019. Thanks to good cooperation between the neighbors Aquaradius, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Bouwinvest, Ter Steege Bouwvastgoed and Enzo architects, a beautiful building has been realized and all apartments have now been occupied.

It has 74 spacious apartments in the medium-sized rental segment with a large outdoor area. The installation is sustainable and all-electric; with solar collectors and heat and cold storage and there is no gas involved. The building, at a noise-sensitive location, has become part of a noise barrier between the main road and the residential area and additional facilities have been made for noise such as low-noise balconies. REPC has been able to guide the development initiative and the entire development.

Photo album and gratitude

Translation: "Offered to Jasper van Rijn (ENZO architectuur & interieur) and Arnold van Rijn (REPC) for fulfilling all our wishes for the construction of the building Hof van Pampus. Theo and Francien Wegh Aquaradius Hof van Pampus 53."

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