Our people

Our people have a long-term track record in real estate advice, project development and project management. Together they offer complementary competences, experience, knowledge and a relevant network. Everybody is committed to REPC's working methods and it’s core values.

Arnold van Rijn

Building and achieving results together, creating and delivering is where Arnold van Rijn's passion lies. As project and development manager, he has completed many projects successfully. For end-users, owners and project developers. He enjoys managing challenging projects and sophisticated collaborations. You can call him an all-round manager with a hands-on mentality who is driven by optimising projects and delivering results.

Tom Krouwels

Tom Krouwels has been active in real estate for over thirty years. The first ten years as project manager and responsible for large multifunctional (new construction) projects. Then ten years as a project developer for both commercial and residential projects and the last ten years in various management positions. Tom is a ‘peoples person’ who thinks it is important to create things together, using the strengths of everyone involved. He is interested in new developments and has a talent for spotting opportunities that are not so obvious.

Our Method

We guide our clients from strategy to completion. In such complex processes we embrace a strong, open relationship. We spend much time with our clients in clarifying the objectives and housing demands. Subsequently we can make the program of requirements, set up our research and design an effective process.

Communication and effective collaboration with and between all stakeholders are key to success. We are good at finding and connecting the right partners and creating an inspiring place to share ideas and insights. This atmosphere of openness and solidarity leads to the necessary knowledge, insights and skills that result in effective solutions.

We work with a systematic step-by-step plan. A no-nonsense approach in which planning, progress, quality and budget are closely monitored and waste is prevented. Clear alignment with the client ensures that it has continuous insight and can make well-founded decisions.

Our core values


We deliver what we promise and we go to great lengths to achieve an optimal result.

Openness and connection

A good connection and open communication with all stakeholders is crucial for every cooperation. Paying attention, listening and making crystal clear agreements make processes clear and understandable for everyone and that is how we create solidarity.

No-nonsense and efficient

We have a 'no-nonsense' way of working. Efficient and goal-oriented. Clear to everyone. That is how we are.


We are fully representing our clients and do not take any (financial) interests ourselves. This way we can build a good, honest customer relationship and we are driven to do well.